Thursday, January 20, 2011

She's back...

I have ignored this blog for so long. I even started a new blog and it occurred to me that, why should I ignore Unspecified Mass when it has already been up and running for so long, and getting views everyday. I was putting all my focus into - waiting on the views and followers to plug in. Today I decided to update both blogs on a regular basis. For those of you that have viewed this page you may have noticed that it is just a bunch of random this and that kind of things.

I have mentioned my dog, Lucy the beagle basset hound when we first got her. She is still a great dog, she is passive and mostly just the kind of dog that anyone would love to have around. She’s still as cute as ever.

I have also mentioned my freelance writing adventures. I’m still doing that. Ehow closed down there Writer’s comp section of the site. That basically means that the writers can add no new content, but the old stuff still remains intact. They sent many of the writers to demand studios. I published a few articles there and then decided to focus on fiction writing. I wrote several short stories and started a book. I found myself in the middle of a beastly work of words. The book made it to about 50 thousand words and I decided to take a short break with the fiction and focus on non-fiction.

I also post a lot of news and needless info on the site. You can expect to see more of that. As of now I am going to post on this blog regularly and revisit hopefully tomorrow. So until then….

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