Saturday, January 22, 2011

Do you have a Virus?

Did you ever try to remove a virus from your computer? I have. One day my PC started to act strangely. I thought I had malware or spyware, but it turns out it was much simpler than that. My computer would not restore. When I opened any file or page on the computer it would make clicky sounds and open stuff I never clicked with my mouse. If I tried to open up Windows Internet Explorer my computer would open up about ten pages.

I went online and downloaded spyware and malware removal tools and still I was coming up empty handed. Not even Norton or Kaspersky could detect this monster virus. When my pc turned on the screen would blink so much that I could not get to the screen that allows you to boot up in safe mode. I couldn’t use the system recovery feature on Vista either because my system would click me out each time I attempted to use it. Eventually I broke down and ordered restore disks from Microsoft. I paid about 30 bucks for these disks and had them rushed delivered.

When the mailman finally delivered the system restore disks to my home. I rushed to my pc and begin the process of restoring my PC. I lost all of my personal files and pictures. After I finished the restore part of removing a virus I thought I’d be ready to go. I wasn’t. My computer was still acting funny. I was about to purchase another computer thinking mine was done.

I glanced down at my keyboard while I was waiting for my system to load. I saw that on the number keypad of the right of my lower keyboard one of the numbers was stuck. I couldn’t believe it. I wiggled the number key a minute and finally my computer was working as it should have always worked. Gees, right?

Despite that I was a dumbass I decided to put this info out there, just in case there is another dumbass having PC issues. I Googled like a machine typing in my PC malfunctions and couldn’t find anywhere on the net where someone was having the same type issues that I was having. Bottom-line I wasted thirty bucks, but was pleasantly surprised to find that I didn’t have an actual virus.

But just in case you aren’t so lucky you can find free malware removal scans for your PC at Microsoft and Kaspersky.


  1. I use avast and works 100% for me.

    thanks for the follow on my scotch page. Returning the favor, and supporting as well :)

  2. Oh, happens to me often enough. Somehow, I tend to jam the keys on my laptop. Now, when my os starts to act all retarded, the first thing I check is my keyboard! :D

    Following and supporting!

  3. Uh, er, Chris in the first comment. I had Avast too. And my PC ended up with a virus from facebook. The worst virus anyone had ever seen. It got into the photos. It got into Office. It ended up in every nook and cranny in my PC. Sorry. Avast doesn't cut it. I learned a hard lesson. I use Norton. It checks everything on Facebook and everywhere else too.

    Love your blogs, Edie. Thanks so much for the follow. Lovely to get to know you. :)