Sunday, September 27, 2009

Recycling and Eco Friendly Stuff

How to Not Take Out the Garbage, Use the Recycle Bin:

Having a garbage man come to your home and pick up your trash is convenient, but for the most part it is simply not necessary with all of the current recycling centers out there. Having a garbage man may not be as eco friendly as you would like it to be either. You could be saving yourself a few dollars each month simply by sorting your recyclable garbage into a recycle bin, needless to mention not filling up landfills which is not only beneficial to the you, but beneficial to the environment as well.... MORE:

How to Recycle an Old Garbage Can to Make a Compost Bin:

Many are aiming to go green and recycle all that they can. What about that old, broken garbage can? How about turning that old, broken garbage can into something useful and recycle it into something, like a compost bin with a lid.... More:

How to Kill Weeds The Eco Friendly Way:

It is that time a year again and all of the weeds are here to remind us of the extra yard work we have to do. Their are so many weed control items on the market, but here is an idea to use something you already have in your home to kill those weeds the eco friendly way. It is also environmentally friendly and you will not have to spend money on eco friendly products.... More:


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