Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lucy - new puppy

I haven’t been on much lately to make a post.
We did not go to the zoo, instead we got a puppy.
she is 2 months old. She is a Basset Hound Beagle Mix.
A little black puppy with big ears and big feet.
She is great with my small children.
We rescued her from the humane society.
She was dropped off at the humane society on the 4th
we found her on the 5th and brought her home on the 6th.
She is a great puppy.
To get her we had to pay of course, the totally purchase
for our basset hound beagle mix was 167.50.
seems high, right?
Not really - this included the cost of Lucy, de-worming, rabies shot, tags and
to have her fixed when she is of age. It was a pretty good deal.
Right now we are struggling with potty training our puppy.
if only it was as easy as training a toddler to use the potty.
it is not - some days I wish someone would come potty train my puppy
for me.
Some days Lucy only pees in the house once a day. Other days it seems like she anticipates
peeing on my dining room floor. We take her out on a leach and give her treats after she goes outside to do her business. I actually made the decision to put a baby gate up and only allow her to hang out in the kitchen, until she is potty trained--- in hopes that she will long to play in the rest of the house with the family and only pee outside. This seems cruel to block her off from the rest of the house, but I fear she will make the rest of my house smell or simply make a reason for us to have to replace the floors. So the poor puppy only gets to run though the house when I am able to keep a close eye on her. Bless her heart.
On the upside she is best friends with my son. They roll around on the floor and chew on each other’s ears and look for each other when one is out of the other’s site. It’s simply adorable.

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