Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cheap Dog Clothing

We wanted to dress our new beagle basset hound puppy,
and soon discovered that puppy/dog clothing is over priced,
considering that puppy‘s play hard and
the dog clothes are not likely to hold up to
the wear and tear of puppy play.

While shopping at Target,
we did not want to pay the
high prices of dog clothing.
I got to thinking, if only my puppy
could wear my children’s hand me down clothing.
This gave me an idea about
out of season clearance baby clothing.
Sure enough I walked over to the children’s
section and headed for the going out of
season clearance rack and found
quite a few great bargains.
I held up a 0-3 little girl outfit
that cost a mere $1.49 and decided
that it would fit Lucy, our puppy, and
if it didn‘t we really could not
go wrong with only paying $1.49
for puppy clothing.

Anyway I wanted to share my tips
on how to remain frugal while still
being able to dress your puppy in
adorable dog clothing.
Above are a few pictures of Lucy,
the beagle basset hound
puppy in her latest $1.49 dog outfit.


  1. Lucy is rockin' that dress! She's soooo cute! Great idea, by the way, to use infant clothes from the clearance racks. If you really want to expand her wardrobe cheap, try thrift stores and yard sales for more baby clothes. Good luck with your new puppy!

  2. This is amazing and lovely dog! it makes me smile. Thanx

  3. I have an even cheaper tip... don't dress up your dog.

  4. What a great idea! The savings could be impressive this way!