Wednesday, September 2, 2009

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The latest news on eHow: They did a sweep. Which simply means they deleted tons of articles. They have done this in the past, but this time they went all out deleting many articles. Sometimes they give you reasons. Some reasoning makes sense, while other reasons make no sense at all.

I started to wonder what I was going to do with my deleted work. eHow allows you to retain all rights to your work. Basically, I was annoyed with the sweeps because I had so many words place together to make sense just sitting on my hard drive doing nothing at all, and they used to make me money. I joined a new site to write on. It is called info barrel. Sign up is free, you need google adsense to get paid, that is also free and you can post your deleted eHow articles on there. Infobarrel pre-approves writing before it is published, which means they will not delete you later. You get to keep 75 percent of your adsense earnings. And the site seems to be more geared towards the value of the writers. Here is the link

Final note on that, I will still write for eHow, however I think I will write mostly for infobarrel.

On another note a different friend of mine has a new art page. It’s pretty kick ass. You can check it out here:

This weekend I think we are heading to the zoo. If that happens I will give you an update on that.

For Your viewing pleasures I have included my profile links to eHow and Infobarrel:

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  1. Wow I've heard of info barrel but never gave it much consideration until now! Thanks for the info!